Feature Spotlight: Supercharge your site with free CDN!

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November 20, 2017
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Feature Spotlight: Supercharge your site with free CDN!

Its been nearly a year since our last blog post, we’ve been working behind the scenes on some exciting new features and upgrades to our services which we are completing on a continuous basis!

As we approach Christmas we’d like to take some time to introduce our free CDN feature that is officially launching on November 12th 2018. For a limited time, until the end of the year 2018 we’ll be giving out free CDN accounts with 10GB Bandwidth included!

You can have as many free CDN accounts as you’d like for as many sites as you’d like and each account will come by default with 10GB bandwidth included per month which is enough for the majority of the sites.

Our CDN works by caching your Javascript, your CSS and your images on our 34 and growing global datacenters which means that when a visitor loads your site those elements mentioned above will load from their closest datacenter so even though our servers are located in the US by adding our CDN onto your site if you have a visitor from Australia visiting your site the elements mentioned above will load from our Australian datacenter and so forth.

You will notice a performance improvement even if its in the milliseconds, depending on how much javascript, css and images your site has the performance improvement you will notice may be larger or smaller.

A lot of users may ask what the difference is with Cloudflare, the free version of Cloudflare by default does not offer any caching capabilities so you can use our CDN alongside Cloudflare with no issues!

We’ve taken this a step further and have fully integrated the setup of our new CDN with our members area where you can setup a new CDN account and purge the cache aswell which is a much needed function when you perform changes on your site.

You can order your free CDN account now by clicking here.

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